Since 1873

Rockwall may be one of the smallest counties in Texas but everything about it is GRAND, which is why it’s one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S. It’s clear as you enter Rockwall why people want to live, work and visit here! The small town feel with so much convenience at your fingertips. It has breath taking views of the Dallas skyline at sunset, which is only 23 miles away. There are rolling hills and a pristine lake.

Our Story

At 147 square miles, Rockwall county consists of several surrounding cities: Heath, Fate, Royse City, McClendon Chisolm, Wylie, and Rowlett, Glen Hill and Mobile City.

The earliest known settlers to the land now known as Rockwall County were the Caddo Indians. Soon the Creek Indians began to settle the land as well. In the 1840’s when the first Anglo-Americans began arriving, the two Indians groups were at war with each other.

What about the rock wall?

Rockwall received its namesake in the early 1850’s when two farmers were digging a well and came across a rock wall formation that spanned across the county. The origin of this rock formation is a great debate for many, but scientists say that it is a natural formation.

Rockwall County had some expansion trouble in its early days but as of the last half century has seen much growth. Rockwall County continues to flourish with a population over 36,000. New business and residents continue to choose Rockwall County as their home.