Discover Rockwall: A Blend of History and Modern Attractions


Discover Rockwall - The Harbor

Rockwall, a city known for its unique geological feature—the Rock Wall—we offer a unique combination of history, culture, and things to do that allow it to be an ideal destination for tourists. From the beginning of our roots to the modern-day pride we take in our rich history of Agriculture and being built along the Bankhead Highway which developed our town into a unique melting pot of culinary and cultural infusion.

The Rock Wall

Rock Wall in Rockwall, TX

Rockwall’s history dates back 170 years, which is seen in its well-preserved downtown and historic landmarks. The Rock Wall, a natural limestone formation that inspired the city’s name, is 20 miles long and seven stories high. Rockwall was given a its namesake thanks to this geological wonder and is provided with a rich history regarding the mystery that befalls its creation.

In the late 1870s the beginning of excavations of pieces to this gigantic wall started as the news and discovery of it was widespread at the time. During the many excavations over the years, it was suggested that this wall is linked to the native Americans that used to control this territory or maybe even extraterrestrial influence. However, thanks to multiple studies that were carried out throughout the years by many colleges and organizations, it was concluded to be just a unique formation of limestone rock that had appeared to look like bricks.

The County Courthouse

Historic Rockwall County Courthouse

Built in 1941, this courthouse is located in the heart of downtown Rockwall’s historic district and was in use for several decades during the mid to late 1900s and serves as multiple county offices now thanks to its prime location.

The Prohibition Era

Rockwall Speakeasy

In addition, Rockwall includes a storied past as a hub for agricultural trade and, during Prohibition, popularity for its bootlegging activities and speakeasies. In modern day the city of Rockwall outlaws the sale of liquor within its city limits and maintains its status as a quiet and well-organized town, however, 100 years ago this small town was notarized for its friendliness to the sale of illegal alcohol. Many speakeasies were opened during this era and included a wide variety of means of entry and “passwords”.

Speakeasies of the time looked like this and included Jazz, basements full of moonshine, and a nightclub that embodied the spirit of the Roaring Twenties.

The Rockwall County Historical Foundation

Rockwall County Historical Foundation

From timeless exhibits to a multitude of stories, the museum of Rockwall includes many staples to Rockwallian history including a piece of the Rock-Wall and multiple buildings that date back to the early days of Rockwall. Inside there are stories of prominent and important influential people inside our community. Visit  for more information!

Celebrate Tradition

Rockwall Founders Day

Throughout the year, Rockwall pays remembrance to its roots with events like Founders Day festival and the annual Fourth of July parade, allowing visitors to experience its rich history. The city’s historical churches, cemeteries, and landmarks offer scenes into the lives of early Rockwall and citizens, while the public library system gives an understanding local history and culture.

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